Oil Cleansing Method

I wanted to share with everyone the skin care technique I use called Oil Cleansing method.  Because there are already great detailed instructions on this method on-line, you can google this method or click here for the detailed instructions. 


(photo is courtesy of C’est moi! and can be found here)

Basically the OCM is the use of a moisturizing base oil such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the cleansing oil, Castor Oil.  The Castor oil will cleanse deep into the pores and the other oil will keep your skin moisturized.  I say “Other oil” because you can use Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, grape-seed oil, etc. in the place of the extra virgin olive oil.  If you are just starting out with this method I recommend the EVOO until you are comfortable with the method and results, then you may want to experiment with oils to best suit your skin and preference.  I personally keep one bottle of 50% Castor oil and 50% EVOO for my cleanser and a bottle of 1 part jojoba oil 1 part Coconut oil and about 2 droppers full of Argan oil for those days when i don’t need so much cleaning but more nourishing and to remove surface dirt.  I use both bottles for my moisturizer depending on what i feel my skin need, or use a few drops from each bottle. I don’t use the oil to moisturize my skin at night and I only use it on days when I feel my skin needs a bit of oil control or is feeling a bit tight. 

Our skin produces a natural layer of sebum or oil to protect and nourish our skin, this is not dirty or bad.  Our bodies are programed to self clean and self heal.  This combined with the purity of water should be enough.  Honestly if i didn’t put some kind of makeup on my skin, i would just wash my face with a washcloth and water every day (may put some people off, but I take my skin cleanliness very seriously and my breakout and blackhead prone skin is now always smooth and clean. no more breakouts and almost no blackheads)  But what causes breakouts can be many things from diet to health to what we are putting on our skin, but oil is NOT the cause.  dead skin, mixed with oil, and mixed with other junk we put on our faces gets clogged in these pores (hello blackheads) and if bacteria enters the mix then we are left with breakouts.  Remember that diet is equally important and skincare to prevent breakout, also sweating is a natural way for our body to clean out our pores, so exercising regularly is a must. (a little side note; exercising doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, it just means being active.  Try to turn as many daily activities into a physically active activity.  Park at the back of the parking lot, avoid drive through, walk to that store 2 blocks away, get up and walk around more at work, etc.)

unfortunately through the millions of dollars spent in advertising and a notion passed on to us from society we have come to believe that skin isn’t clean until we have stripped it of all its oil.  And therefore we experience countless skin conditions. everyone thinks their skin is either dry or oily and we kick our skin way out of balance so it needs us to use all these products to make it feel normal.  in the mean time we are loading our skin with chemicals that are not good for us in the long run.  Okay enough with the lecturing here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

a) oil dissolves and balances oil

b) surfactants in traditional facial cleansers strip our skin of the natural oils which will leave your skin dry and vulnerable and causes your skin to produce excess oil to try to balance out the dryness (which is what causes us to think we have oily skin)

c) ingredients like Castor oil and coconut oil not only moisturize the skin but also help eyelashes and eyebrows grow longer and thicker (added bonus, yay!) 

d) many acne cleansers attack the symptoms and not the problem itself

anyway, my point is that this method, in my opinion, is more effective than commercial skin care routines, it balances out your skin, it saves you money, and it saves you the headache of wondering if what you are putting on your skin is bad for you.

experiment with different oils and proportions until you find something that works for you.  also don’t risk striping your skin of its natural oil layer it needs by using too hot of water or using the washcloth too many  times on your face.  you want to remove all signs of makeup and dirt but you don’t want your skin to feel tight.  if you touch your face after completing the oil cleansing method it should feel soft and moist but not oily.

this method takes a little while to see results and get used to but it cleared out my pores, it helps balance my skin and i know I am not putting a ton of chemicals on my skin or stripping away my natural sebum layer.  


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