Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray eye primer. Review by Luisa.

I am very lucky to know some very fun and beautiful ladies who will be helping me and contributing to my blog.  Luisa is a Brazilian woman, who has lots of knowledge and a love for cosmetics.  She will be writing some posts on here and sharing her reviews with all of you.  Enjoy…..

Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray eye primer


I really like all the products from Benefit. They are fun, they are innovative and they work!I had never paid too much attention to it because I didn’t quite get  the reason behind the names of their products so I didn’t take them seriously.

I don’t know why I felt that way, but it all changed when I tried my first Benefit product, the High Beam highlighter. I’m not here to talk about this particular product though.

The reason I’m writing this post is to review the Stay don’t Stray Primer and Concealer .It is a product that was recommended to me at Sephora when I was looking for a concealer that didn’t cake and was as fair as my skin tone.I was having trouble finding a good concealer that stayed long, did not cake and was super light because I have very fair skin.

The Stay don’t Stray eye primer and concealer can be applied under the eye as a concealer and on the eye lid as a primer.

I really like the product because it’s very smooth and creamy, and it lasts all day as a concealer.You do need to apply it somewhat fast or it will dry out and it gets harder to blend.

Another thing is I noticed that it has a weird scent, it almost smell like hair dye so that’s a thumb down.

The product is a primer that you can also use as a concealer,but in my case I like to use more as a concealer than a primer as I feel that as a primer I can’t run my brush as smoothly when I have it on than when I don’t. Maybe I just didn’t allow it enough time to dry, so maybe I’ll give it another shot,but that’s how I feel about it.

Overall I like the product and I think it does a good job as a concealer,I still need to test it one more time as a primer so I can get a final impression on it. I’d give it an A-

Hope you guys enjoyed the review. Please leave your comments below!



Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara in Nior

On my hunt for a great waterproof mascara I finally came across this beauty.  I have tried the Inimitable Intense regular mascara and loved it, but I felt I could get the same look from another mascara I already owned, so it took me a while to try this waterproof version of the inimitable mascara.

Chanel is known for quality, luxury and being the best of the best in many aspects, and this mascara is no exception.  It does everything I want from a daytime mascara, it lengthens, it adds volume, it separates and its buildable so you have control over how dramatic your lashes look. One coat gives a nice defined semi natural look, and with 2 coats it looks I am wearing falsies.  The look is not Drag-queen drama, just a lush lash look.



– Separates for feathery lashes

– adds a good amount of volume (may not be a good evening mascara for those who love lots of volume)

– leaves lashes soft

– easy to remove with an oil based remover

– waterproof for the beach or pool


– Price may be an issue for some at $30 a tube

– If you love lots of drama, and the most intense lashes possible, this may not be for you. The inimitable intense is more dramatic, but does not come in waterproof.  With that said, you can build this up for a false lash look.

Overall, I have found my perfect waterproof mascara for the summer.  I will probably use a different mascara for special events to get a more dramatic look, as I do love a super dramatic lashes in the evening.

(In the photos below I am only wearing a bit of liner on my waterline and the mascara)

Update: I stopped using this mascara because it would smudge by the end of the day due to my oily skin.  I would find black smudges on my brow bone and lower eyelid.  It really is too bad because everything else was so wonderful with this mascara.


New Beauty Test tube (New Beauty version) Spring 2012

This is another version of the new beauty test tube, but directly from The other one is from QVC. This one is a mothers day gift to my mom, so,she will be passing her thoughts along to me, but I will give you a peek of what came in it and tell you what I think. Enjoy.

New Beauty Test Tube from QVC Spring 2012

Hi I got my QVC New Beauty test tube in, which is a quarterly sample shipment program. This came with some great stuff. There are 2 different NB Test tubes you can get; the QVC version, or the one directly from New Beauty magazine and both have different things in them. I will do a review on that later.

My Glam May 2012

My Glam is yet another beauty subscription service. I got my first shipment in today and have shared what came in it and what I thought about it in the following video.  One thing I didn’t mention is that it feels like you get less stuff than with the Beauty Army shipment.  Watch the video for more info.

Turns out the lipstick is a $15 value

This is what the Studio Gear website says;


…And Kisses

Pump up the color and plump up your lips with this luxurious lipstick that wears like a dream in several sensual shades. Revolutionary spheres contain mega-moisturizer hyaluronic acid and folic acid, a vitamin B derivative that actually plumps your lips.

Price :: $15.00″

I also noticed that “Winter Red” is not offered on the website, so maybe its a discontinued color? which would be silly to send old discontinued colors.

I also found out that this brand is available at Ulta.

Dior Show Blackout Waterproof Mascara


My very first high end (or I should say luxury brand, as I had been using bare essentials for a very long time) mascara was Dior Show Blackout regular mascara. I had tried in the store the regular Dior Show and was not impressed, but fell in love with the creamy pitch black formula of the Blackout mascara which also seemed to stretch the length of my lashes.  So, now that I am on a hunt for a good waterproof mascara since the one i loved was discontinues, I naturally gravitated towards the waterproof version of this old favorite.


– Brush is the same as the regular version

– Gives lashes a bit of volume and length

– Color is a deep black which is great for defining your eyes at the beach or pool when you wont be wearing much other makeup products.

– the formula is not too brittle


– Application can be messy

– The wet formula doesnt hold a curl the way a waterproof mascara should

– Is difficult to remove even with oil based removers, however most waterproof mascaras have this problem which also means the product is less likely to smudge on oily skin

– BUT it DOES smudge on my oily skin 😦

– Does not separate my lashes as I usually like








Overall I will be returning this mascara because it left black smudges where my lashes touched my skin, and my lashes seemed a bit clumpy sometimes after i applied it.  This is not a bad mascara, it just isnt right for really oily skin.  It may work for you if you have dry to normal skin and are looking for a deep black mascara to wear at the beach or pool.  I have not tested it in the pool unfortunately so I cant attest to its waterproof abilities, but it got good ratings online.  It doesn’t give a natural or dramatic look but somewhere in between.  I do believe there are better waterproof mascaras out there, even for those of you without oily skin.

The price is $25 and is available at Sephora only.

Birchbox May 2012 Gossip Girl Box

Ugggg!! I am so unhappy! Watch this video to find out why.

I will update you on what happens once I talk to birchbox tomorrow about my missing item and my horrible box.

So far Beauty Army is wayyyyyy better 😦

Update; now I am just angry! The perfume stinks, and the little tiny tube the BB cream came in is mostly empty!!!!! I mean there is about the same amount of product in the tube as comes in those little foil packets you can get for free.

Update….. Birchbox issue solved

Yves Saint Laurent Singulier Nuit Blanche waterproof mascara in #3 Vibrant plum

(photo from

It seems lately all my reviews have been pretty negative, and unfortunately this review is no different. There are actually more products I like than dislike, it just seems like several of my latest purchases have been a miss. Fear not readers I have some exciting posts coming up about some products I love, and I will be having a friend contribute to reviewing items and sharing her views right here on my blog. But in the mean time let me get one more disappointment off my chest.

I purchased this product because last year in the summer I loved my YSL waterproof mascara that I had purchased. But unfortunately that mascara was discontinued, and I was left with a choice between this one and the effet faux cils in waterproof. I knew I should have gone with the latter choice, but I was tempted by the rich plum color that the Singulier came in. (Plum color on the eyes really enhances blue eyes, where as violet will bring out gold color in eyes, and blues and greens will make brown eyes sparkle)

This wasn’t a horrible mascara, it just didn’t do my lashes much justice. The pros of this mascara were that it holds a curl beautifully even though it goes on wet. Whatever shape of curl I achieved with an eyelash curler is the sharp it would stay all day with this mascara. Another good thing is that it was truly waterproof. It could stay on through anything and did not smudge on my oily skin. In fact when applying it was a pain to clean up any smudges. Also the color was beautiful. As far as the cons and reason I returned this mascara, because of the highly waterproof formula, even with using oil to remove the mascara it seemed near impossible to remove. I don’t recall having this problem with my other waterproof mascara from YSL. Also one of the reasons I loved my old YSL waterproof mascara was the soft feel my lashes had when using it instead of a brittle feel that waterproof mascara usually gives. But this mascara was more stiff on my lashes. Also the brush I felt gave an inconsistent application. Sometimes I would apply this and think “not bad” and other times my lashes would end up all clumped together. I think this is because the space between the bristles holds too much product. I also noticed some lash fall out and breakage, however I must also state I have been playing around with some different eyelash curlers so it may not be the fault of the mascara, I will keep you updated on that. But I only noticed it since I have been testing this mascara which is why I mention it.

The brush is made of plastic comb like bristles in a spiral pattern. The brush seems really cool, but it takes too much work to get to look decent, and applies inconsistently. For a high end mascara I don’t want to have to work so hard for great lashes.

Dior New Look Mascara Review


When ordering my latest batch of products from sephora, I cashed in 100 sephora beauty points to get a Deluxe sample of Dior New Look mascara in black. I wanted to try it for a week before reviewing it for you but it was so disappointing I barely got passed 2 days.

First of all, if you are a sephora Beauty Insider please don’t waste your 100 points on this. This is a cheap tiny snap on/off cap mascara sample that you can get for free at your closest Dior counter. If you want to try this mascara and don’t live near a department store or sephora then Maybe this may be worth the 100 points, but really Sephora should have given this as a free Sample because there is nothing Deluxe about this sample size.

20120508-141834.jpgv (photo from

Second the mascara itself made my lashes long but clumped together after 1 coat. The formula is wet and thick and weighed my lashes down. Also at the end of the day the mascara was smudged all over my eyelid. This product did get many positive reviews on and maybe it may work for some people, but it seems like a hit or miss. I personally thought it was one of the worst high end mascaras I have ever tried.