Guerlain by Pucci kohl kajal liner


If you didn’t already know I have a thing for middle eastern and far eastern inspired products (think Morocco to India, Pre biblical times to now) and Kajal and powder kohl liners are a perfect example of that. Different variations have been used dating back from Mesopotamia and Egypt, and are still used in the middle east, India, Pakistan, and many other regions. It gives eyes that sultry cat like look, and is said to protect eyes from ailments. In India they use it as early as on infants to protect the infant and it’s eyes.

Lining the waterline has been a pretty popular makeup technique in the western world in the last 10 years and has been used by makeup artists to intensify the eyes for even longer. However very few company’s make liners for the waterline that mimic the ancient traditions of these culture that have been doing this for centuries. Guerlain is on of the few brands that has both loose and stick form kohls and kajals that mimic the ancient form and application of of these liners. The formulas are different, but that is not a bad thing as many of the traditional kajals contained lead.

I am in love with Guerlain’s loose kohl powders that come with a wand applicator and look like something straight from ancient Persia. I have also been meaning to get their kohl kajal stick in Black as it is suck a creamy intense black formula andy love the cone stick design which is what you would see if you were to buy some kajal from the other side of the world. However for summer, back is too intense so I ordered the blue limited edition Pucci one from Sephora’s website. (pictured above) which actually turned out to be a Violet blue much like the Clarins one I reviewed a week ago.

Also like the Clarins kohl kajal I was highly disappointed with this product. This product also wouldn’t apply to the waterline at all. It wasn’t as creamy as the black, and was only good for lining the lash line. However, even for lining the lash line it would smudge to easy, and a nice pencil or powder liner would be better for that task. So unfortunately this too will go back to Sephora.

Oh, and one last note: I mentioned that the clarins kohl kajal had castor oil in it which is good for lash growth. This guerlain formula does not contain castor oil. Just thought I would mention that.


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