Birchbox May 2012 Gossip Girl Box

Ugggg!! I am so unhappy! Watch this video to find out why.

I will update you on what happens once I talk to birchbox tomorrow about my missing item and my horrible box.

So far Beauty Army is wayyyyyy better 😦

Update; now I am just angry! The perfume stinks, and the little tiny tube the BB cream came in is mostly empty!!!!! I mean there is about the same amount of product in the tube as comes in those little foil packets you can get for free.

Update….. Birchbox issue solved


7 thoughts on “Birchbox May 2012 Gossip Girl Box

  1. Oh no! This makes me so nervous to get mine! 😦 Lame. I’ve had friends who LOVE their Birchboxes so I finally signed up & now I’m getting worried. Bleh.

  2. I also got my box today and it was disappointing…I got the same things as you and the cleanser is tiny. Doesn’t even look like a professional cleanser at all. It literally looks like a home made label was slapped on the tiny bottle. This is only my second box, but my first one last month was nice. Maybe they just had a bad month.

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