Dior Show Blackout Waterproof Mascara


My very first high end (or I should say luxury brand, as I had been using bare essentials for a very long time) mascara was Dior Show Blackout regular mascara. I had tried in the store the regular Dior Show and was not impressed, but fell in love with the creamy pitch black formula of the Blackout mascara which also seemed to stretch the length of my lashes.  So, now that I am on a hunt for a good waterproof mascara since the one i loved was discontinues, I naturally gravitated towards the waterproof version of this old favorite.


– Brush is the same as the regular version

– Gives lashes a bit of volume and length

– Color is a deep black which is great for defining your eyes at the beach or pool when you wont be wearing much other makeup products.

– the formula is not too brittle


– Application can be messy

– The wet formula doesnt hold a curl the way a waterproof mascara should

– Is difficult to remove even with oil based removers, however most waterproof mascaras have this problem which also means the product is less likely to smudge on oily skin

– BUT it DOES smudge on my oily skin 😦

– Does not separate my lashes as I usually like








Overall I will be returning this mascara because it left black smudges where my lashes touched my skin, and my lashes seemed a bit clumpy sometimes after i applied it.  This is not a bad mascara, it just isnt right for really oily skin.  It may work for you if you have dry to normal skin and are looking for a deep black mascara to wear at the beach or pool.  I have not tested it in the pool unfortunately so I cant attest to its waterproof abilities, but it got good ratings online.  It doesn’t give a natural or dramatic look but somewhere in between.  I do believe there are better waterproof mascaras out there, even for those of you without oily skin.

The price is $25 and is available at Sephora only.


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