My Glam May 2012

My Glam is yet another beauty subscription service. I got my first shipment in today and have shared what came in it and what I thought about it in the following video.  One thing I didn’t mention is that it feels like you get less stuff than with the Beauty Army shipment.  Watch the video for more info.

Turns out the lipstick is a $15 value

This is what the Studio Gear website says;


…And Kisses

Pump up the color and plump up your lips with this luxurious lipstick that wears like a dream in several sensual shades. Revolutionary spheres contain mega-moisturizer hyaluronic acid and folic acid, a vitamin B derivative that actually plumps your lips.

Price :: $15.00″

I also noticed that “Winter Red” is not offered on the website, so maybe its a discontinued color? which would be silly to send old discontinued colors.

I also found out that this brand is available at Ulta.


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