Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray eye primer. Review by Luisa.

I am very lucky to know some very fun and beautiful ladies who will be helping me and contributing to my blog.  Luisa is a Brazilian woman, who has lots of knowledge and a love for cosmetics.  She will be writing some posts on here and sharing her reviews with all of you.  Enjoy…..

Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray eye primer


I really like all the products from Benefit. They are fun, they are innovative and they work!I had never paid too much attention to it because I didn’t quite get  the reason behind the names of their products so I didn’t take them seriously.

I don’t know why I felt that way, but it all changed when I tried my first Benefit product, the High Beam highlighter. I’m not here to talk about this particular product though.

The reason I’m writing this post is to review the Stay don’t Stray Primer and Concealer .It is a product that was recommended to me at Sephora when I was looking for a concealer that didn’t cake and was as fair as my skin tone.I was having trouble finding a good concealer that stayed long, did not cake and was super light because I have very fair skin.

The Stay don’t Stray eye primer and concealer can be applied under the eye as a concealer and on the eye lid as a primer.

I really like the product because it’s very smooth and creamy, and it lasts all day as a concealer.You do need to apply it somewhat fast or it will dry out and it gets harder to blend.

Another thing is I noticed that it has a weird scent, it almost smell like hair dye so that’s a thumb down.

The product is a primer that you can also use as a concealer,but in my case I like to use more as a concealer than a primer as I feel that as a primer I can’t run my brush as smoothly when I have it on than when I don’t. Maybe I just didn’t allow it enough time to dry, so maybe I’ll give it another shot,but that’s how I feel about it.

Overall I like the product and I think it does a good job as a concealer,I still need to test it one more time as a primer so I can get a final impression on it. I’d give it an A-

Hope you guys enjoyed the review. Please leave your comments below!



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